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Copernican Revolution Activities

In this activity you’ll see a charcoal drawing and you’ll write a short story about it.  That’s essentially it! And you’ll get a personality profile inspired by the Freudian Psychoanalytic perspective, including ideas from Sigmund Freud, Henry Murray (who invented the task), and many other Psychoanalysts who developed coding for the Thematic Apperception Task.  YOu’ll also answer a variety of questions a therapist might be coding while observing you tell your stories, as well as some additional questions I use to try and continually improve the task.  Instead of thinking of your results as genuinely revealing your nature, please think of this activity as a fun way to review concepts you learn about Freud and the historical ideas you learn about in Psychology classes.

Estimated Time for Completion: 20 to 40 minutes

My Psychology students share with me how our activities are their favorite part of class.  I’m designing our Copernican Revolution Project so anybody, anywhere with internet, can learn about psychological concepts through self-exploration.  With every activity, like this one, you'll get your personalized results, an interpretation guide, and a certificate of completion you can share with your teacher if you’re here for class credit.

Occasionally I combine your answers with many, many other people’s responses and describe our experiences and discover patterns about human nature.  Our interpretation guides show you how your results compare with others and I’m making guides with your answers.  Sometimes I combine different activities to discover new psychology findings and I share findings with others (e.g., conference presentations with other Psychology professors).  Someday I may create completely anonymous datasets so students can practice statistical analyses and other researchers can test hypotheses.  Regardless, I’ll never single people out and all responses are confidential.  Please feel free to skip any items you prefer not to answer, though your results may become less precise and less accurate the more items you skip.

Of course, you can share your results with anyone you choose!  Actually, please do!  The Copernican Revolution is my labor of love and when you share your experience, you may inspire friends and family to explore our project and self-reflect too.

KT Grobman, Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology
California State University – Monterey Bay

May I please include your responses within the Copernican Revolution Project?  I appreciate your help, but if you're uncomfortable with your answers analyzed, it’s completely okay!  You can still get your personalized feedback, read our interpretation guides, and you'll still get a certificate of completion.