Perplexing Questions
Katie Grobman

Psychology professor who loves roller skating, thrifting, hiking, volunteering, hiking, learning & growing, finding meaning & purpose, and especially her amazing daughter Abigail.

To me, what makes us truly persons, is how we come to our world without a predefined purpose or meaning. Rather – in stark contrast with a chair, or a chicken – we can choose to make ourselves who we decide we’re meant to be. I choose teaching, volunteering, parenting, and creativity to help everyone with our own Copernican Revolutions. I choose finding meaning and purpose through self-reflection with Psychology. I choose life-long learning and teaching so I can foster my own metamorphosis
Selfie of Katie Grobman, sitting on bed in a white skirt and dainty black top.
Katie Grobman
Easter,;Pacific Grove, CA
It is not easy to find happiness in ourselves, and it is not possible to find it elsewhere.
~ Melody Beattie
Selfie of Katie Grobman, sitting on bed in a white skirt and dainty black top.
Abigail Grobman
Halloween, Baton Rouge, LA
I love teaching! Immersing myself designing lessons fosters my creativity, and I feel so much joy the moment students experience they're own ah ha moments after struggling. I began tutoring in high school and college, designed lessons and a website as a graduate student, and today as a professor I'd like to give everything away. I'm creating a Copernican Revolution - sharing in-class hands-on activities, engaging lectures, effective discussion prompts, honed pedagogical techniques, and online activities. I hone online activities so anyone, anywhere can participate. Each activity scores itself, provides a certificate of completion, explains your results so they're educational whether you're choosing to reflect by yourself or your teacher lacks time to discuss it during class!
All you can take with you is that which you've given away.
~ George Bailey's dad, epitaph (It's a Wonderful Life)
I'm a Psychology professor who loves roller skating, volunteering, thrifting, hiking, and especially my daughter Abigail. I’ve taught math to underprivileged elementary & middle school students, physics at an all-girls high school, & psychology to high school, undergraduate, & graduate students. I have taught a diverse range of college psychology classes including intro, social, developmental, cognitive, and special topics in education, infancy, & creativity. My research examines our creativity, moments of insight, struggles with morality, & the power of teaching & parenting to transform our lives.
Katie Grobman, sitting on the rec trail while roller skating.
Katie Grobman
Roller Skating, Marina, CA
Deep and simple is far more essential than shallow and complex.
~ Fred Rogers
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